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goodfellow ([personal profile] goodfellow) wrote2016-11-09 06:56 pm


Robin did not leave New York with any particular drama. In fact, he got the impression that the entire time Prometheus was just waiting for him to decide to leave. It was fun, nostalgic even, but in the end Prometheus was right... he got restless. He got bored. And he missed London. So he left.

He returned to the club triumphantly, and immediately began making plans to throw a huge party to celebrate his return. But first he decided to make some reconnections.

Which was how after he randomly saw a tweet about "omg is that finlay flynn right there in my starbucks" he swung by.

It was indeed Finlay Flynn right there in a Starbucks. Robin sauntered behind him with his hands in his pockets and leaned towards his ear. "Boo."

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