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Robin was quite pleased with finding himself pinned against the door and kissed by Angelique.

And oh. Robin highly appreciated that he could feel her erection already. She hadn't tucked. Known what she'd come for, maybe? God that was hot. He'd always loved a hard cock in women's panties.

He kissed her back hard, but let her maintain the control of having him pinned against the wall. "There's something about me... that makes you hard," he purred when the kiss broke. He slide one hand down to cup her ass, pull her even tighter against him. Then he walked his fingers underneath the hem of the dress and began to pull it up just as he'd promised.
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No, she hadn't tucked, and yes, it had been in anticipation of seeing Rob again. Angelique gasped delightedly as he pulled her closer, and slid her arms around his neck. "Got it in one," she confirmed, and nipped at his lower lip playfully.

Under the dress, her legs were bare and smooth for the summer heat, until Rob's fingers encountered the very soft lace of her underthings. No shaping or padding tonight, just Angelique as she truly was, unafraid and unashamed. A smile curled her lips as Rob's fingers explored. He really did make her feel so wonderfully naughty, like her secret was a turn-on, and she reveled in it.
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"Mm," Angelique sighed, a little sound of surprise tilting up the sound when Rob appreciated her panties like that. They were a rich, dark red, her favorite color, soft and silky and lightly stretched over the growing erection that was all Rob's fault. Her head bent to watch him, and she helpfully lifted her dress up out of his way, baring her long legs from the edge of the lace to her elegant heels.

"How did I know you were going to like that?" she chuckled, much lower than her usual lightly breathless tone.
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Angelique's brows went up, but she grinned down at him. "Of my life? Do you promise?" she purred, and then added, "But what about you?"
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She was absolutely bare, for obvious reasons relating to her usual mode of dress, smooth and soft and without a single hair to mar her fair skin. Angelique gasped quietly, cock twitching against Robin's tongue. She reached out to rest one hand on the door for support (especially in those heels), and toyed with Rob's hair with her other hand. "Aren't you lovely, just like that."
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Oh. Rob hadn't been joking. He really was very good at this, his mouth warm and close, his tongue agile and talented. Angelique's cock swelled hot and rigid in his mouth within seconds, leaving her a little weak in the knees. "Mm, sweetheart, you're divine," she whispered, watching his lips move against her skin, ruffling his curls through her fingers.
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The more he gave her, the stronger and more powerful she felt, hips starting to roll gently, taking advantage of Rob's mouth. Such an unusual, unique feeling for her... but not unwelcome. Not in the least.

Angelique startled herself by whispering, low and thready, "What if I bent you back over that desk, lamb?"
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Angelique loved the attention he paid her, licking, sucking, and stroking her cock, appreciating her body just the way she was. Just like Angelique herself did. "Would you like that?" she asked, pushing gently into his hand. "Would you let me?"
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Angelique bit her red-tinted lip and drew in a sharp breath. She felt a bit mad, a little wild, just on the edge of self-control. And powerful, in charge, in a way she almost never felt. Not considering most of the men who preferred her particular brand of gender fuckery.

She tightened her fingers in his hair, and tugged him back from her skin, not gently but not painfully. "Then start begging," she suggested, still in a very sweet voice.
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Angelique smiled down at him for a silent moment, enjoying the sight of him on his knees, begging her. She could get used to this. Her fingers stroked through his hair one last time before she spoke, low and full of promise. "Yes. Be a good lamb and get your trousers off."

Her hands left the wall and Robin's hair, and she briefly tugged her panties back up, despite the discomfort, and let her dress skim down around her thighs once more. No more for Rob until he did what she wanted.
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The dress tented just a bit, the lace panties mostly keeping Angelique's erection under control. When Rob stripped off his trousers, she smiled, and stepped up to him in her heels. She placed her hands on his bare hips and began to steer him toward the desk with slow, slinking steps.

"It's a bit hard for me to give up that cock of yours," Angelique told him, low-voiced with soft, pouty lips. "I would so love to ride you, but I think I'll enjoy wrapping my hands around it just as much as I'd like wrapping my legs around you."
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Angelique reached up beneath her hair, unfastened the neck of her dress, and let it slide off her shoulders to a puddle on the floor. Then she pressed up behind him, forcefully, one graceful hand squeezing Rob's ass. "I'm going to guess you have everything I need close at hand, don't you?" she asked with a smile she couldn't conceal. Rob was such wonderful fun.
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And the heels. Angelique had left her heels on. She'd fucked in heels before, but never on the top. She was breaking all manner of new boundaries today.

She let him watch as she moved around the desk unhurriedly, her dark hair unbound, a young man's body perfectly at home in red panties and high heels to match her wicked red lips. She toyed with the lube and the condom she found with one hand, and idly palmed her cock with the other as she strolled behind him again.

With a gentle pat, Angelique encouraged Rob's legs further apart, allowing her to better admire his absolutely perfect backside. Contemplating it, she slicked up her fingers with the lube, before sliding them into the crevice of his ass to explore. "I want you to tell me if there's a single thing about this you don't enjoy," Angelique instructed him sternly. In all honesty, she didn't have much practice in this role. Rob made it easy to assume the right attitude, but she wasn't sure of her, well, technical skills.
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Angelique did laugh, though it was low and purring and most assuredly not at Rob. "I'll have to reserve my decision until after I've finished with it," she chuckled, pressing one long slim finger past the perfect little clutch of muscle around Rob's entrance.

She stroked him slowly. spreading the lube, massaging and petting to encourage his body to relax.

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