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goodfellow ([personal profile] goodfellow) wrote2016-08-02 01:20 pm


After their short exchange outside, Robin pulled Anael inside the club so that he could bring him to a back room and do exactly as they'd promised.

The music was loud, and there were a lot of people, many wearing less clothing than they had when they'd come in.

They paused by the bar because of a bottleneck of people, and then suddenly there was a hand on Robin's shoulder. He turned, not letting go of Anael's hand. There was an older man, attractive, wearing a nice suit. "Are you Rob?" he asked, voice tight. "The owner?"

"Sure," Robin said. "But as you can see, I've already got company. You'll have to stand in line."

And then suddenly there was a fist coming hard at Robin's face and everything exploded into pain.

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