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Felix @ Saturnalia

Robin had pulled Felix into his office, and they were currently negotiating just how much Felix deserved to be punished for being so wicked.

"I do have a great deal of satisfaction to offer you..." Robin murmured, and pressed his knee slowly but firmly into Felix's groin. "And atonement. I can give you absolution."
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Felix shuddered as Robin pressed against him, hungry for those low-voiced promises. "Mmm... tell me how. Do I have to confess? Or shall we move straight to penance," he rumbled, hot against Robin's body despite his clothes.
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There was little Felix adored more than being a spectacle, even when it was only for an audience of one -- when that audience appreciated him as Robin did. He paused to brush his hair back with his fingers, letting it settle around his shoulders before he began.

"Bless me, Goodfellow, for I have sinned," Felix drawled as he leaned back against the wall to take off his shoes first. Those had to go before the real show could begin.

"Just tonight... I've been very cruel to a fairy boy," he went on, delicate fingertips easing each button on his shirt open, revealing a deepening vee of pale skin as he did. "I said hurtful things and took pleasure in his pain, and I don't feel the least bit sorry." With a roll of his shoulders, Felix straightened, and let his shirt slide off to the floor.

Fluidly, his hands moved to unfasten his trousers, next. "But worse than that... I've been tempted by a pretty puck, and let him put his hands on me in secret, and my lover is blissfully unaware that I'm taking all my clothes off for him right now."
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Virtuous? Felix bit back a smile. He didn't think he would let on to Robin the many ways Shannon had been exploring his own sins of late.

"The very worst," Felix purred deeply, peeling his trousers off and stepping out of them with his gaze all but devouring Robin. "He seduces me when I'm not even near him. When I should be dreaming of a man who adores me... instead I dream of filling my mouth with his cock."
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Felix's attention drifted down Robin's body, lingering at the shape his touch had begun to outline. His own fingers traced along the edge of his boxer-briefs, and started teasing them lower on his hips, revealing hipbones and fair skin and a faint dusting of dark red curls, before easing the clinging cotton over the slowly swelling erection nestled between his thighs.

"Is that what you think?" Felix cupped his hand warmly around himself, idly stroking his own cock firmer, fuller, thicker.
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Felix stepped out of his underthings and swayed another step closer to Robin, now shamelessly naked and entirely unconcerned, still lazily cradling himself in one hand. His cock twitched in his palm at the prospect of Robin's firm hand on his ass... nearly enough to counteract his aversion to showing his back to anyone.

He drew close to Robin, dipping his chin to murmur, "If you think you can."
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Felix drew a soft breath against the hand at his throat. Standing there, naked and aroused and nearly panting close to Robin, he couldn't exactly deny it. Fluttering lashes concealed his eyes for a moment, letting them both savor the heartbeats of anticipation before Felix's final submission.

"... I want you to."
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Felix wanted to fight him and struggle, but Robin's grip was firm and he was stronger than he looked. He went to one knee on the couch, and the soft leather whispered against his skin, melting away his resolve. Before he bent, his heated gaze raked down Robin's face and body, burning in intensity.

He leaned over the puck's lap, still watching him, expression almost defiant. Felix would show Robin his back, if not fully willingly, at least making the decision for himself.
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At Robin's touch, Felix barely stifled a moan. Soft, smooth leather caressed his skin where he knelt on the sofa, and Robin's hand summoned a surge of desire in his blood.

"Hard," he whispered, bracing himself. "I need it hard."
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Felix choked a startled sound when Robin's hand fell on his skin. Whatever he'd expected, it hadn't been this: sharp and crackling and hot and blazing through his entire body all at once. His fingers clutched uselessly at the leather, seeking some outlet for that sudden shockwave of sensation.

"... one," he remembered to gasp. His face felt hot and flushed, but that familiar well of humiliation refused to open within him. He didn't feel ashamed. He just wanted more.
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This time, Felix cried out, sweetly sharp at first, then trembling away into a breathless gasp. His skin still stung, and his body still ached for Robin to touch him again, all at the same time. Even though he knew that Robin's hand would bring another striking pain, he wanted the heat of it on his skin, to know that Robin saw him and wanted him.

"Two," Felix whispered, this time without hesitation.