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Robin could practically feel the warmth radiating off of Felix's body. And true to his word, he couldn't wait until they got into his apartment. But the closing of an elevator door counted, right?

Because as soon as it closed, he had Felix pressed up against the wall, his mouth hot against his in a searing kiss.
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Felix welcomed Robin's mouth, sought out the taste of his tongue, and dragged the puck against his body with one insistent arm. The elevator afforded just enough privacy, but distantly Felix hoped that some security guard was watching and witnessing just how much Robin wanted him.

They had struggled for dominance before, tempted each other, fed one another's need for power in bed, but this was the first time Felix had really felt -- and soberly felt -- just how demanding a puck's desire could be. And it was his. It only made him harder.
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Felix had always considered himself adventurous, but Robin's unbridled hedonism almost made him feel boring. "You most certainly may," he promised, at last sliding both hands over Robin's ass, as he'd been wanting to since they met in the street. Then he gave the puck a little nudge toward the balcony, pressing him along rather than waiting to be led, this time.

"... your neighbors will hear us," Felix added, smiling that smoky-slow smile.
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Felix bent closer, his lips almost brushing the shell of Robin's ear, whispering soft, "You saw to that when you started making promises in the car. Why don't you come find out?"

He hooked a finger under Robin's collar, and stepped back toward the balcony rail. The night-air breezes lifted his fine crimson curls, tossing his hair gently on the wind as he leaned back against the balustrade and released Robin's shirt once more. Resting back on his arms, Felix gave a slight nod downward, permission, instruction, and anticipatory consent all wrapped into one tiny gesture.
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Felix's belt was a very supple leather, and his trousers were smooth and fine and unfastened with ease. His cock strained stiff against the pale material of his underthings, and Felix's breath caught and shuddered as he was steadily unwrapped. It was almost as if Robin planned to offer him pleasures he wasn't likely to find anywhere else, though Felix was fairly certain Robin rarely planned anything.

He couldn't keep up a cool facade for long, not when his cock was throbbing and hard and Robin's mouth was so temptingly near.
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Nothing in the world quite compared to the feeling of a man who loved sucking cock. Felix groaned, eyes slipping closed to relish the sensation, the heat and the quickness of Robin's tongue, the wind in his hair, and the touch of cool night air on his skin when Robin's lips exposed him for even a moment.

"You're good," he praised breathlessly, gripping the balustrade behind him as his knees felt decidedly weak.
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Felix sighed a long, satisfied moan, uncaring if anyone heard him. He, too, nearly hoped someone did.

Light fingertips brushed Robin's cheek as he sucked, lazily at first, and then with curious purpose. Felix's breathing quickened as he traced the lower curve of Robin's lip, grazed his own taut, hot skin with Robin's mouth wrapped around it. He groaned harder, feeling that, his cock shivering against Robin's tongue.

"Do you want me to come?" Felix whispered, sliding his fingers into the puck's luxurious thick curls.
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Felix shuddered a gasp, thighs tensing and back arching slightly as Robin took him down again. He surrendered then, tossing his hair back, curling a hand around the back of Robin's neck and riding the last few moments of pleasure. His climax hit quickly, with little more warning than a choked half-cry, and he spilled in sudden sharp spurts over Robin's generous tongue.

The rush of pleasure left his thighs trembling and his knees weak, a sweet heat spreading through him. Felix stroked his fingers lazily through Robin's hair in appreciation.
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Felix shied away from Robin's offered kiss at first, not entirely willing to taste himself on the puck's tongue. Instead, he caught Robin's chin in his hand, still breathless from his release, and smiled to himself. Yes, he enjoyed denying Robin, even if it was only for a few seconds. "Shall we move this to the bedroom?" he purred, brows quirked leadingly.
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"Not nearly enough," Felix purred, sliding up behind Robin as swiftly as he could. He smoothed both hands up Robin's chest, dipping down to nibble at the curve of his ear while deft fingers undid the buttons on Robin's shirt. "I'm going to need you to strip down completely, Master Puck, so I can properly admire you. I presume you have no objections."
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Felix undid every last button and peeled that shirt off him, draping it neatly where Robin had left his jacket. "What a deliciously vain creature you are. You are so refreshingly easy to please."

His lips touched warm to the back of Robin's neck, small suckling nibbles trailing down his shoulder as Felix unfastened the puck's trousers, slid fingers into his underthings, and worked all the rest of his clothing down off his hips until Robin could step out of them.
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Felix took the opportunity to shrug out of his jacket, leaving him just a bit more free to wind his arms around Robin from behind and slide his hands over the puck's fine smooth skin. Flat stomach, sculpted hip bones, strong thighs, and then very freely between his legs to pet Robin's generous cock. "One of the reasons," he drawled in amused agreement. "And if we're perfectly honest, this is another one. I'd be envious, but I keep getting distracted."
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Felix employed both hands, stroking with open palms up and down the length of the puck's impressive cock, partly to indulge himself, and partly because... well. Robin rather required his full attention.

He traced his tongue up the back of Robin's neck. "Turn out the lights," Felix invited softly, "take me to bed, and show me."
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Felix gasped sharply, having only undone a button or two of his own shirt and trousers before he was lifted off his feet by Robin's surprising strength. His already poor eyesight adjusted only slowly to the dark; those moments were a rush of silken skin, the natural and tempting scent of Robin himself, and a rustle of expensive sheets in the velvet blackness. Felix groped for him as soon as they hit the bed, long fingers seeking blindly for Robin's face, to pull him down into a breathless, seeking kiss.
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Felix slithered his way out of his shirt, gasping to feel Robin so close to him then, skin to skin. He was done teasing. As swiftly as he could, he finished undoing his trousers and pushed them down, fingers getting caught in his underthings in his haste. "Now would be preferable," Felix panted, his hips straining upward toward Robin's heat.
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He almost wanted to refuse, deny Robin what he asked, but Robin had prefaced his request with a short, rough thrill, and Felix was all but conditioned to obey men who handled him so firmly. With a shivering exhale, Felix turned himself over on his stomach, pushing the remainder of his clothing away with one foot. His shoulders tensed involuntarily, but his skin and his cock and the entire rest of his body wanted Robin's heat and touch more than he wanted to be afraid.
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Felix forgot his anxieties for an instant, his startled gasp shivering on his lips. A strangely vulnerable sound, for a man who moved through the world with such brash confidence. "Robin..." he breathed, half a question and half a plea.
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His breath caught the moment Robin's tongue slid over his skin, and a tremor quivered down his spine. Then , Felix's body softened, relaxing almost against his will, and an almost shamefully eager moan slid from his lips.
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"Robin," Felix groaned, the way one might moan god in the heat of passion. He spread his legs wider, not caring what Robin thought of this boldness as long as he didn't stop. Heat grew between his legs, warming his cock again more quickly than he would have thought possible. Another moan escaped him, and another, and then Felix couldn't choke them back any longer. Robin's name rose to his lips again, the only coherent word he could form.
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Felix's moans deepened as the gently intimate pressure of Robin's tongue changed to something more richly satisfying. Robin fed him everything he craved: pleasure, attention, but most of all, a hungry desire just for Felix that the wizard wanted above all else. Robin made everything easy, relished it, took joy in his own pleasure and Felix's alike.

He rolled his hips, aching for more, heat and desire licking like fire through his body. "Nnh, what are you doing to me..." Felix panted, unable to keep still.
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Felix clutched at the pillow beneath his cheek, a shudder trembling down his spine; the back of his neck was desperately sensitive and Robin's kisses stole his ability to think for a moment. "Do you want me to scream?" he gasped, purely on instinct. "I'll scream for you, anything you want... I just want you inside me."