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Jade - the wee, wee hours of Christmas morning

If Jade hadn't insisted on leaving him for a time to go to church of all things, Robin probably would have just gotten a room in the hotel whose bar they'd had a drink in earlier. But as it was, with the time to kill, he'd just suggested that Jade come to his place when he was done.

Enough time had passed that Robin had had quite a bit of eggnog. Well. Rum with just a splash of eggnog for flavor. That totally counted.

When he opened the door, he was wearing nothing but a short green silk robe and a Santa Claus hat.
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Jade had come here straight from Church, so he was wearing a decent suit. It seemed quite the upside down world. He laughed. "I was told there was a party here. Is it a decent party, sir? I'm a good Christian, after all."
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"Oh sir, I would gladly share the word of God with you. He loves us all," Jade professed. He did wear a suit, yes, but it was superficial good behaviour. There was no underwear underneath it.

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"Oh, is that eggnog? I'd love some!" Jade said, cheerfully, before falling back into character. "I mean... Save your soul. Confess your sins. There is salvation in getting down on your knees." A twinkle in his eyes. He did enjoy double-entendre.

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Jade took a sip of eggnog. "That is grave," he said, and turned to face Rob, meaning his crotch was practically in his face. "Whom with?"

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"Four people?" Jade said, pretending to be shocked. He had pretty good control over his body and a fantasy of an orgy like this, would get him hard, at least a little. In suit trousers with no underpants, in Rob's face. "That', I mean, sinful. Very sinful. What did you do with them?" He asked, as if curiosity was getting the better of him.

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"Sucking c-?" Jade started. There was an active fantasy playing in his mind, causing him to stiffen a little. "I don't think God would approve..." he said, hesitation in his voice. He liked this roleplay.

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"I suppose..." Jade said, hesitantly. This dialogue came straight from a low budget porn flick, but it didn't matter. "But I don't know... I mean I've never even... touched myself there."

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Falling out of character, Jade frowned. "Really?" Then he put up his innocent face again. "I mean, really? Well... okay."

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"Okay... It won't hurt will it?" Jade said with mock hesitation.

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Jade yelped, but the lack of underwear and the semi hard erection He sported told a different story.

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Jade grinned. "I was hoping for a grope in the pew..." he winked then he smiled innocently. "Should I brace myself, sir?"

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Jade gasped, and decided then to drop the act a little. He knew Rob took pride in being able to bring pleasure to his sexual partner. He didn't want to fake it for the sake of an act. He gasped because he did love the feeling and braced himself against the table that they were next to. "I think I'm cured," he sighed happily.

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Jade moaned. This wasn't something that happened too often, and it was even less likely that it was someone with a mouth like Rob's. He knew just how to move, just when to suck, how to use his tongue, his hands. He let his head fall back and moaned at another expert move. "God, you're good at this."

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It was all too good. Jade prided himself on perfect control over his body, but the way Rob was working on him... it was hard to keep that measure of control. "I'm going to come if you keep this up," he warned, casual and with a smile at first, though he arched his back and moaned loudly at another deft move.

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Jade did favour asking permission, just in case his partner had different expectations. He arched his back and revelled in the sensation. His mind went to Chris once, the poor man who found himself unable to come with oral sex. But he was long gone from his mind when all that magic Rob was doing made him come. Which he did. Loudly.

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Jade grinned. "That was... hot, sir.I feel absolved of my sins. May I absolve you?"