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Quentin had told Robin in no uncertain terms that he wasn't to try to help with his stalker situation. So, fine. Robin had set upon a course of action that was more to protect himself. And if it happened to help Quentin too, that was only a byproduct.

It was, of course, not cheap to hire a pixie full time to tail someone. Especially since pixies as a general rule weren't fond of pucks. But enough money could get pretty much anything done, Robin had found. And Terrence might be a genius, the kind who could have spotted a human tail or technological monitoring a mile away, he just didn't have the frame of reference to suspect an intelligent creature the size of a mosquito hanging around.

The pixie, whose name was Azri, had reported to Robin a couple of times, so he knew about the safe house, and he knew about Quentin's friend-or-bodyguard-maybe-lover whom Azri referred to as "the taller one."

Though the report today was more disturbing. Azri came streaking into Robin's penthouse, babbling about how Terrence had grabbed "the shorter one." Robin got a description of where they'd gone and sent Azri back. With promises of a bonus.

He wasn't stupid enough to try to handle this himself. So he got in his car and went to where Azri had told him the safe house was.

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