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Quentin had told Robin in no uncertain terms that he wasn't to try to help with his stalker situation. So, fine. Robin had set upon a course of action that was more to protect himself. And if it happened to help Quentin too, that was only a byproduct.

It was, of course, not cheap to hire a pixie full time to tail someone. Especially since pixies as a general rule weren't fond of pucks. But enough money could get pretty much anything done, Robin had found. And Terrence might be a genius, the kind who could have spotted a human tail or technological monitoring a mile away, he just didn't have the frame of reference to suspect an intelligent creature the size of a mosquito hanging around.

The pixie, whose name was Azri, had reported to Robin a couple of times, so he knew about the safe house, and he knew about Quentin's friend-or-bodyguard-maybe-lover whom Azri referred to as "the taller one."

Though the report today was more disturbing. Azri came streaking into Robin's penthouse, babbling about how Terrence had grabbed "the shorter one." Robin got a description of where they'd gone and sent Azri back. With promises of a bonus.

He wasn't stupid enough to try to handle this himself. So he got in his car and went to where Azri had told him the safe house was.
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Bond was attacking the computer set up, doing his best to see what the cameras had caught. Not much, that was the truth of it. Terrance had worked his magic and there was looped video, there was frozen footage, and there was Bond on the street, left to play the fool as the villain made off with Q. Bond had tracked them but it wasn't long before there was no signal to follow.

"Bloody fucking hell," he swore to himself, and then there was a knock at the door. Terrance taunting him, no doubt. Bond opened the door not sure what to expect.

He surely didn't expect Rob-from-Tesco.

"You," he said flatly, then grabbed the man by the lapels and hauled him inside and pushed him up against the wall. "What are you doing here?"
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Bond did not trust lightly or easily, but he could recognize when he had an opportunity. Terrance could have sent the man to taunt him further, to put him on the wrong trail, but he wasn't about to simply kill Rob and be done with it.

"How do you know what's going on?" he demanded, not letting him off the wall.

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Bond did just that, letting him down and then divesting him of the blades. He kept one in hand.

But not everyone called Q 'Quentin'. In fact, very few people did, and those few knew him- as well as once could know him, Bond imagined. Rob could not have chosen his words better.

"What do you know?" he said, not outright threatening the man with his own knife...not outright.
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"Why would you do that?" Bond demanded. He was a bit too upset by the whole ordeal to have it in him to peice together why someone Q had fucked was involved more deeply than being a question mark on a grainy photo.

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"As if I haven't been trying to do just tha," Bond said dryly. He turned then to go back to the computer, doing his best to see what the cameras might turn up. What he needed was help...but he'd prefer help from someone he had a modicum of trust toward, not some stranger fromt he wine aisle.


"What do you know?"

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This was exactly how easy it was supposed to have been. The tracker was supposed to have been fool proof. Apparently it was good fortune to have Rob as accidental back up.

"Then we've no time to waste," he said as he checked his gun, holstered it, then grabbed another to slip in his pocket.

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"Have it," Bond said tightly, making ready to go. He was ready to fly, if need be...if only he could.

"We'll take my car," he said. It was a new one since Terrance had exploded the one he'd been driving outside of hotel 41.

"Well...hurry up," he scolded, champing at the bit to leave.

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Bond slid behind the wheel and they were off, racing out of the city. Terrance had had time to spirit Q away and their destination was well into the countryside. Getting out of London itself proved to be a headache.

"Tell me your story," Bond prompted, thinking that maybe if Rob talked then he wouldn't get caught up in a spiral of scenarios running through his head. "Better yet, tell me what you know about...Quentin."

Quentin. Ridiculous.

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Bond was not charmed in the least by the man's flippancy, though right now he was far too preoccupied with the mission than addressing the remarks. So he chose to ignore them.

"And what do you know about Terrance, the man who has taken him?" he demanded.

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There was quite a bit Bond could add, but little he thought worth mentioning to Rob.

"He's incredibly dangerous and Quentin may not have long. I've no idea what he's planning to do to him," Bond said. "There's history there. I have reason to believe Terrance may simply kill him, though I'd like to think he's got some time. I think Terrance would rather own him than kill him."

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Bond was quiet for a long moment, giving that question some real thought.

"Physically, probably quite a lot. But psychologically...he's quite strong and he's not the same boy Terrance terrorized before. I believe he'll come through all right."

He had to believe that. He had to.

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Bond turned onto a gravel drive and rolled up to an old farm house sitting in the middle of what was left of what had likely been a large farm. Now it was little more than an expansive lawn. The nearest neighbor was well out of earshot but it was hardly secluded.

Bond noticed right away that though the light inside was on, there was no other vehicle parked there.

"I'll go first," he said, knowing he'd never get Rob to simply wait in the car. Bond drew his gun and didn't even bother to close the driver's door- he simply charged into the house, ready to kill.

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Bond had thought it might be. He kept his gun up as he walked through and cleared the rooms, winding up ultimately in the kitchen. There was a glass tuned upside down and a bug inside it- a small metallic looking thing, as well as a piece of paper that had one simple word written on it.


He knew just what that meant.

"He's not here," he grumbled.

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Her voice was small but clear and Bond gawked at her. Being aware of the otherworldly beings and experiencing them were two different things completely. He was silent as he moved in closer, hoping she'd be a bit more forthcoming than that.

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"He said it was too late. That you'll never find him," she said, clearly still perturbed.

"Nothing of where they might be going?" Bond asked.

"No...but it can't be far. The big one was having trouble breathing. Mortals need their air."

That made Bond's brows furrow again. Trouble breathing. Maybe Q could get free on his own...

He knew that Terrance wouldn't let that happen.

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"Wait, did he..." Bond said, but she was gone. Not even a twinkle of light left behind. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked around the room.

"He could be anywhere," he said, mostly to himself. It only just now hit him how dire this all truly was. Terrance had Q, time was running out, and there wasn't a lead to be had.

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Bond gave him a curious look for a brief moment, but then nodded. "We can get into his flat," he said. "I'm sure you could find some there."

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Bond nodded his understanding, then moved to look around.

"It doesn't look like they were here for that long. This place doesn't look like it's been occupied...and it smells geriatric. But I think that might be key...maybe Terrance has ties to the owner and that might be a break for us."

He truly doubted that, though. Bond could hope but he was a realist. Chances were that Terrance was simply an opportunist and had come upon this house by chance and luck.

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"It is. He probably thought she was a bit of tech from my division. A little 'fuck you, you can't catch me' I would think," Bond said, not best pleased about the little taunt.

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"That was very clever. It's fortunate for us that Terrance isn't thinking beyond the realm of science. That might work to our advantage. But I think we're going to need every resource to find him. If your little friend lost him and Q's tracker isn't working..."

He didn't finish that sentence. He didn't want to acknowledge how it felt as if the bottom was dropping out from under him.

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"That would never happen," Bond said, then paused. "Or perhaps it does. But it would be above my clearance. Does it cost a lot? I can pay. Whatever it costs, i can pay."

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Bond hated this feeling when things stalled out. He was no good with dead ends and he was charged with energy at the realization that this entire scenario had become all the more dire.

"Let's go then," he said and headed out, ready to get Robin what he needed from Q's flat. He needed, too, to get back to Q branch to have R help him with scouring for Q's tracker. Terrance had to make a mistake. He had to. Bond hadn't met a nemesis yet that didn't make some sort of grave error.