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A fairy was playing the guitar in front of the London Eye.

That was unusual enough to make Robin stop. He looked up at the fae (yes, up, up quite a bit actually), thinking he looked familiar. One of the princes, perhaps? He was pretty enough to be. Why did the fae all have to be so damned attractive? That must be why Robin's race was so frequently mistaken for them.

He slipped his hands into his pockets and stood there as some human passerby dropped coins and bills into the guitar case at the fae's feet.
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Willy finished his song before and leveled his gaze on Rob and smirked.

"Hello, puck," he said, not entirely warmly. He was always wary of the pucks. Shady beasts, always thinking with their bellies and their cocks.
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"Goodfellow?" Willy asked, wrinkling his nose in distaste. But he was nothing if not polite and he bowed his head (never taking his eyes off the creature).

"Willy Silver."

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"We met. Years ago. Centuries," he said. "Normally I do not remember names...but you were decadent and reprehensible. I remember you."

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"I am not married. It was your avarice that stands out. The money. With your kind it is always money, is it not. Money and sex."

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"Do you deny a love of money and sex? With that hundred pound note and those trousers cut like that? I think not."

He scoffed with a snort.

"Little fae. Please."

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That made Willy cock his head. Deals and music...if he was to accused of his base endeavours then, yes, that was what he did best.

"I imagine," he said, not warming in the least to the puck.

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"I don't need to make a deal with you, puck. I have no interest in your kind being beholden to me," he replied. "You know I could give you your heart's desire...but what does a puck heart want that he doesn't pursue on his own?"

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"I believe all my brothers are otherwise occupied," Willy said flatly. He certainly wasn't going to sully himself with a creature like Rob. The thought made his gorge rise.

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Willy rolled his eyes.

"Don't make me banish you, you rude little thing," he said.

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WIlly made a small sound of disgust. "You do not wish to be judged as all your kind is judged and yet from you it is all money and sex. Keep your money, abandon all hope of sex, hateful or otherwise. I would not make a deal with you if I came out on top tenfold."

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"I'm hardly begging. I play for the joy of the mortals," Willy countered. "I do more for men than you do, I am certain."

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"I'm sure after you they are sore and sated. But I can take them to other worlds. Realms unimaginable. And I can do that while I take them to bed if I choose. You are a pale comparison. How your lot get called fae escapes me," Willy said derisively.

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Willy carefully laid his guitar aside and stepped up to the puck.

"Would you insult me so now with nothing between us to shield you?" asked, his eyes shining with murder.

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The fae prince scowled and narrowed his eyes.

"You were rude," he pressed.

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"I am a prince," Willy said. "Know your place."

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Willy couldn't help it...even in the midst of conflict, on the very edge of a fight, he puffed up at the compliment.

"I am more impressive than any fae you've ever met," he smirked.

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Another compliment and Willy smiled widely. Compliments were clearly the way to peace with him. He did so like being admired and appreciated.

"I am," he said. "I have had years to become very good."