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goodfellow ([personal profile] goodfellow) wrote2017-09-08 07:59 am

for Prometheus

It had been a few days since Robin with Felix's help had stolen the chest of heavy metal chains from a clueless human's hotel room. The chest was shoved in the back of his massive closet, which might as well be Narnia with the amount of clothing and various things he already had there.

He hadn't been sure if he should tell Prometheus about it at all. It wasn't exactly a romantic gift - here are the chains that kept you captive! And Robin's motivation had been more keeping them out of the hands of others than thinking that Prometheus would actually want them.

But on the other hand, it had been a flawless caper, and Robin found that he wanted the credit and praise. (Despite suspecting that Prometheus would not entirely approve of the methods used for this particular thievery.)

So he hand't said anything yet. But it had gotten to the point where he was practically vibrating with I have a secret! as he paced around the kitchen with a glass of wine.

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