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for Prometheus

It had been a few days since Robin with Felix's help had stolen the chest of heavy metal chains from a clueless human's hotel room. The chest was shoved in the back of his massive closet, which might as well be Narnia with the amount of clothing and various things he already had there.

He hadn't been sure if he should tell Prometheus about it at all. It wasn't exactly a romantic gift - here are the chains that kept you captive! And Robin's motivation had been more keeping them out of the hands of others than thinking that Prometheus would actually want them.

But on the other hand, it had been a flawless caper, and Robin found that he wanted the credit and praise. (Despite suspecting that Prometheus would not entirely approve of the methods used for this particular thievery.)

So he hand't said anything yet. But it had gotten to the point where he was practically vibrating with I have a secret! as he paced around the kitchen with a glass of wine.
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Prometheus was very good at observing, and the puck's behaviour hadn't gone unnoticed. It seemed, however, to have reached its peak today, and though the titan enjoyed watching Robin bubble up to the point of nearly boiling over, he supposed he ought to say something before his pretty head popped right off.

Prometheus didn't rush though, gliding past the pacing puck to make himself a cup of tea. He barely spared him a glance as he went through the ritual of boiling the water and steeping the bag, not saying a word until the water was a lovely deep brown and the bag was damp and resting on an empty plate.

"Something the matter, dove?" he asked finally.
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"Oh?" the titan replied casually, raising a brow and sipping his tea as he leaned back against the counter. "Dare I ask what?"
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"Well, that's not worrying at all," Prometheus muttered to himself, taking one more sip of tea before setting it down and following after Robin.

"It's not some strange and exotic animal, is it? I've already got a cat living in my shop, there's no room for jackalopes or wendigos."
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Prometheus said nothing for a long moment, eventually taking a step back and wetting his lips with a nervous flick of his tongue.

Eventually, he realized he needed to say something. Anything.

"Oh," he offered finally, slipping his hands into his pockets to hide the way they shook. "I... I suppose they're safer with you than most."

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"No, no I'm not upset," he assured Robin, shaking his head a little. "I just wasn't expecting that is all. It's a bit- Overwhelming, I suppose, dove."

He took a calming breath, glancing at the chest, then back at the puck.

"...Where did you find them? How? ...Why?" he added, looking a bit nervous as he asked that last question.
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"Quite right," the titan nodded, still looking a bit bewildered, but visibly calming down. "Much too dangerous to be out in the wild. ...That's good. Very good, I think. ...You don't intend to keep them here though, do you? In the closet, I mean."
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"Lock them away," the titan replied instantly. "You must have a vault or something somewhere. ...Maybe I have a vault somewhere? I don't remember. I've lived so many places, it all gets hazy."

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"Alright. ...Yes, good, thank you," he said, nodding a little, then finally offering a soft smile. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so... It's just those chains are- Well, you know."
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"That was very thoughtful of you, dove," the titan replied, taking a step closer and resting a hand on the puck's shoulder before leaning in to kiss him softly. "Thank you."

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"Has there really ever been a heist you didn't enjoy?" the titan teased.

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"Well, of course it did," the titan replied dryly, cringing a little at the thought of his chains being fetishisized.

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"It doesn't really," the titan said honestly, not really in the mood to entertain Robin's ego by pretending to be impressed by his sexcapades. He adored the puck, but his sexual adventures were not something that held his interest unless they involved him. He was sure Robin would feel the same were their roles reversed, but Prometheus tended to keep that sort of thing to himself, and recently there hadn't been any lovers to speak of other than the puck anyway.

"Do you know who had them before the auction? I've not seen them in... Quite some time."

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"I can't imagine who'd want them," he confessed, frowning. "They feel... Have you touched them?" he asked.
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"There's a hopelessness to them," the titan said softly, "They... It's as if they drain one's will. You only need touch them to feel it."

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Prometheus offered a soft smile, then leaned in and pressed a tender kiss to Robin's cheek. "Thank you, my brave puck," he purred, smoothing a hand down his lover's back.

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Prometheus chuckled softly, nuzzling at the puck's neck.

"You don't need my praise, do you? You'll happily reward yourself with plenty," he teased.
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"Oh? And what would you like, dove? A trophy, or some ice cream? Perhaps a pretty ribbon proclaiming your greatness," he suggested with a grin.

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"You look pretty in everything, puck," Prometheus assured him. "Why don't I take you out to dinner, hmm?" he offered, kissing him again, this time on the lips.

"Or I'll take you to some garish sex club if you'd rather, and you can charm your way through the crowd until you're bored. I never know what you find fun anymore..." he admitted, looking thoughtful.
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"I'd still go if you wanted me to," he said softly. "I can always find joy in your happiness, dove."
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"It's not that I'm not comfortable, it's just- Well, not something I seek out. I understand though," he assured him. "Perhaps we should do something we'll both enjoy."
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"I enjoy you, petal," Prometheus purred, leaning into the touch. "We could get out of the city for another mini break. I liked that. I like travelling with you."

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Prometheus considered that, then nodded in agreement. "We could if you'd like. If you're certain your adoring admirers from your club can survive in your absence."

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"Some private villa on the shore, perhaps?" the titan purred, stroking the puck's hair.
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"If we were all exhibitionists, dove, it wouldn't be exciting anymore," the titan volleyed back with an easy little shrug.