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After leaving Fin and Will in the bedroom, Robin stopped by his office and knocked back two shots of very good bourbon.

Then he headed back through the hallway to the club. He hadn't decided yet whether he wanted to just go home, or whether he'd find someone to fuck. Someone who was 100% not emotionally complicated. Preferably someone whose name he didn't have to know.

Which was why he felt like the fates were stacked against him when he nearly ran right into Anael.
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Anael's face brightened into a smile at the sight of Robin, but he was only halfway through saying the puck's name by the time his emotions had registered. "Robin," he finished with a frown. He took a step closer, only just managed not to reach out to the puck. "What's happened?"
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Anael had no idea who Robin might mean, but he did know that his anger wasn't truly aimed at Anael. "I'm sorry they've hurt you," he told the puck, tentatively. There was nothing he could do but love Robin, of course.
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"It's not up to you," Anael remarked simply, hooking his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans to stop himself from reaching out. "And it's not something I'm doing, or that I can help. Not that I would want to."

He truly didn't, very unsurprisingly. This would not please Robin, of course, but he had brought it up, and Anael would not lie to him. Even less so about love.
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Anael was quiet for a beat, trying to parse through what the matter was. "Doesn't it?"

It wouldn't work with him, of course. Anael would love every creature if it killed him - although some more than others.
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"Of course," Anael agreed with a slight nod. "Robin?" he called out before the puck walked away. "I'm sorry."

The truth of it was etched on his face, and with anyone else, he would have told them to pray to him when they were ready. With Robin, though, there was no point. He would have to stop by in a short while and hope that Robin was ready.