goodfellow: (naked)
goodfellow ([personal profile] goodfellow) wrote2017-01-01 10:24 pm


Robin rang the new year in in style - surrounded by hundreds of people who thought he (or at least his club) was awesome. He kissed probably a dozen people, drank an entire bottle of champagne, and only stopped dancing when people began to leave.

Though the club would be open until 3am, Robin stole away about 1:30 and went back to the bedroom where he'd left Fin. He'd brought another bottle of champagne, but when he saw that Fin was asleep, he just set it on the dresser. He looked at him for a moment, and then he pulled off the toga and climbed into the bed beside him wearing only the gold thong, curling up next to him with his face to the back of Fin's neck.

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